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E. endogenous power

And to prepare for the winter electricity peak, the price of electricity in the expected increase.
The data shows, the lack of electricity MingChun winter at most 40 million KWH. Recently, the state development and reform commission finally across the country raised the price of electricity, to alleviate contradictions coal prices. On the surface, this is because of the pricing mechanism of coal produced contradiction, in fact, it reflects is the contradiction between supply and demand of energy. According to the British oil company to new statistics, in 2010 China a total energy consumption has already surpassed the United States.
Reporters from held recently the China energy development report (2011) "(referred to as" the report ") conference to realize, although the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China's energy consumption has been a big drop strength, but by the stage of Solar water heater tanks development, resource endowment, technical level and mechanism and so on many kinds of factors, China's energy consumption is still in the strength of the higher level of energy resources into economic growth depends on is still too high.
National energy board new and renewable energy department chief of ShiLiShan set out a set of data: our country has more than Japan's GDP last year, has become the second large economies, but energy consumption is Japan's five times; China and the United States almost total energy consumption is, but GDP just in the United States a little more than a third.
Therefore, the energy use in there a lot of will to rise.
Energy development is key to promote transformation
Our country should energy supply from the past is mainly used for meet the need of economic and social development, and to transfer to the two strategic problem, the first question is the transformation of energy economy, the second problem is transferred to promote economic and social development way on the transformation.
Energy has become decided to China's economic development speed and efficiency of one of the important factors, the reality is that the energy needed to ensure economic development supply challenge.
China's energy consumption from 2002 into the inflection point, into rapid growth. "From the provinces and cities of published earlier this year 1025 'during the' GDP growth target to see, a lot of places are still more focus on economic Solar hot water systems development speed, in economic development content not too big change." China's energy research association, vice chairman of the standing committee of national energy expert consultation, director of the week in the report "conference to China's future problems concerned about energy consumption.
Although the report from the analysis to see, "1025" during energy growth slowed in the would, but because the local economic development impulse is very big, GDP growth suggest high, and it is difficult to make the total amount of low energy consumption forecasts, it is put forward to energy supply problems.
Weeks the earth calculate a bill, if all provinces in accordance with their respective "1025" plan economic growth index, then the national energy demand could be as high as 5 billion tons of BiaoZhunMei. And for so astronomical levels of energy demand, or is the economic development of all rate of less than anticipated target, thus the actual energy demand and not so high, or is energy supply to meet economic development.
Therefore, the week that the earth, make sure that economic development expected, again through the energy input to meet the needs of economic development, the energy consumption mode no longer conforms to our country the reality of the situation.
The state council development research center industry minister FengFei point of view is that our country should from the past to the energy supply to meet a major economic social development needs, and transferred to the two strategic problem, the first question is the transformation of energy economy, the second problem is transferred to promote economic and social development way on the transformation.
"Because, from a policy perspective, the energy Solar energy water heaters  problem is not only of its own problems, such as energy, energy itself control energy saving and emission reduction goals, the total amount of energy consumption, should also promote transformation in." FengFei said.
Promote the transformation of factors, one is the energy security, and the other is the environment and climate change. However, these are the external factors driving, reflected in the social benefit and environmental benefits. But, in the GDP last worship and under the pressure of development, for the local government is concerned, energy security and climate change and global environment cannot produce energy transformation of the driving force.
"So, how to put the external form the driving factors to the energy endogenous system appear very key." FengFei said.
According to information, our country "1025" energy consumption amount control target will break out to governments around the world, all over the total energy consumption would be under strict control and examination. But for reflect encourages renewable energy and energy conservation policy, everywhere in hydropower, wind power and solar energy and comprehensive utilization of energy consumption in the new assessment will be deducted.
This is a driving force. But FengFei think, can direct push to move "promote transformation" bicycle of two wheels-technology and system mechanism is the core factor of energy transformation, and the latter is more fundamental factors.
Determined to promote orderly mechanism of system reform
To reform is not in conformity with the reality of the energy price system, policy makers need to pain, introducing market and orderly competition, introducing social supervision by public opinion and perfect the relevant social security measures.
To unreasonable energy consumption, weeks that the earth will now take measures to control it, and to promote the development of local government low energy consumption, high volume of industry and the price is a very good adjustment tool. However, the price is just one of the reform of mechanism of system work.
FengFei clearly put forward reform of mechanism of system should be prepared to work in three areas: one is to deal with the question of price. This not only is going up or not price hikes this intuitive problem, but the reform of the pricing mechanisms involved in energy; 2 it is need to create healthy competition environment. In our country, the most efficient industry in a highly competitive environment in the field, even if the situation is more complicated in the Domestic water heater energy field, such as the existence of natural monopoly with power grid, natural gas pipe network and so on, but the necessary competition is still in the energy field, the foundation of the development of health; 3 it is to deal with the government, market and enterprises of the relationship. To reform the government as the key point, through the government conform to the market rules of effective supervision will relationship between straightened out.
In the current social energy prices of many of the inquiry, and have put forward many debate, FengFei think it is because of energy price distortion exists, that led to a mismatch in the energy resources. Due to the limitation of resources, the energy resources mismatch affects not only the energy industry development, but also in the economic development and social progress be ignored obstruct.


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