How does solar pool heating work?

Our thermal solar pool heating system works by circulating pool water via a series of tubes installed on the floor or roof of a structure. This set of tubes is usually referred to as a solar collector.

The solar pool heating system uses the sun’s clean power to warm up the feed stream, which is then returned to the pool at a warmer temperature.

Our solar collectors function similarly to a hosepipe left sitting in the sun but in a more controlled way. Have you ever realized that when you turn the water back on, the water inside is warm, if not hot?

This is because the hose tubing absorbs the sunlight and transfers the natural heat to the water inside the tubing.

The digital controller allows you to regulate the temperature of the water. We purposefully built the controller function so that any member of the family can simply operate the solar pool heating system.

The pool owner can program the system’s digital controller to obtain the desired pool temperature. The digital controller will then monitor the roof sensor and the pool sensor. When the temperature difference between the two devices meets the preset threshold, the controller will activate the solar pump.

The now-heated pool water is then released into the pool at a warmer temperature. If the sun conditions are favorable, the pump will continue to run until the target temperature of the pool is attained.

Installing a solar pool heater from EJ Solar Pools can considerably cut swimming pool heating expenses. Our systems are less expensive than conventional pool heater systems and have very low yearly operational costs.

Solar pool heating is, in fact, the most cost-effective technique to heat your pool. This system not only has a minimal environmental impact and initial installation cost, but it will also please most homeowners due to its easy construction and near-zero utility costs.

Our solar pool heating systems do not require any additional electricity to function. You may use your current water pump to circulate heated water through the modules and return it to the pool.

It has the potential to extend your swimming period by up to six months. No more paying exorbitant fees to pre-heat your swimming pool with propane before guests arrive. There’s no need to wait till the weather gets warmer before your pool reaches an enjoyable temperature.

EJ Solar Pools’ solar pool heating systems are easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. You can even regulate the device to keep your pool at the desired temperature. Using an available automation module, you can ensure that your swimming pool is always at the ideal temperature.

EJ Solar Pools offers components that are made and inspected to the highest standards utilizing high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. We have created purpose-specific solutions to address the common challenges associated with ordinary solar pool heaters.

Our systems will optimize the solar energy obtainable to warm your pool, ensuring that you receive the maximum heating achievable.

Furthermore, our industrial knowledge assures maximum efficiency and productivity at a low cost.