Solar Pool Ezy Tie

Unlike ordinary cable ties, our solar pool Ezy Tie has been carefully developed and manufactured for long-term ultraviolet exposure. These innovative cable ties are imported from the United States and can be found in a wide range of applications.

These ties are made of high-quality EPDM rubber and UV-resistant materials. Businesses have utilized these ties in a variety of industries, including PV panel setups, industrial wiring, and outdoor purposes.

The manufacturer developed these ties to attach the solar system’s pipelines and manifolds without the risk of damaging roof tiles. This enables customers and installers to set up a full solar pool heating system without having to make any holes in the roof.

Ezy Ties are really simple to use. All you have to do is slip the tool underneath the roof tile and make sure it stays in place. Then, using the provided cable, attach your solar pool’s piping system. Once you’re certain that everything is in its proper location, lock the cable, and your pipe system will be secure.

Our Ezy ties have been tested and verified to be solar light resistant for at least ten years. For the safest use, these cable ties have increased weather-resistant technology and rounded edges.