Solar Pool Header Manifold

Header manifolds are critical components of any solar pool heating installation because they connect the water input to the solar collector. Unfortunately, to save money, some solar heating companies create header manifolds with inferior components, which frequently fracture and fall to pieces when subjected to water pressure.

We at EJ Solar Pools will not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Our solar pool header manifolds and an excellent line of products have survived in our harsh weather conditions. These products have set the global standard for quality and dependability.

Our solar pool header manifold is carefully designed and built for long-lasting performance and ease of installation. We mix the materials with special tough elements for extended life, giving you years of top functionality. This header manifold also has an O ring and cap for optimum connection between the plug and the body.

Our header manifold can be installed straight into a PVC pressure pipe without the need for adhesive joints. All you have to do is drill a hole in the pressure pipe and slip on the collecting tubes. Once the tubes are correctly connected, place the grommet and then press the header manifold straight into the pipe to establish a leak-proof junction.