Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a practical and cost-effective solution to improve your organization’s environmental goals while lowering energy costs. EJ Solar Pools has helped many organizations in reducing costs while also becoming respectable and ecologically responsible firms.

Our projects have been numerous retirement communities, sports centers, public pools, resorts, and schools. Many residential and commercial pools prefer our solar heating systems due to their high heating efficiency, convenience, easy maintenance, and low operating costs.

We heat your pool using solar energy, so no additional electricity is required to power the system. This means you can become a more environmentally friendly firm without breaking the budget.

Our solar pool heating devices are entirely self-sufficient. Once you’ve specified your preferred temperature, sensors will detect the temperature of your pool’s water as well as the quantity of sunlight accessible to the photovoltaic modules.

Also, solar heating systems are particularly designed to produce more energy, endure longer, and pay for themselves. This is why they are better suited for large-scale installations, unlike any other solar pool item on the market.

Finally, our panels are designed to last for at least 20 years. They require almost little maintenance and are covered by the industry’s best warranty, ensuring that your business investment is secured.