Rigid Solar Pool Heating

Our rigid panel solar pool heating systems are by far the most long-lasting and cost-effective solution to warm your pool. They are made up of several rigid panels that are put on a building’s roof and work by collecting water from the pool then pushing it through a system of pipes within the rigid modules.

The sunlight warms the flowing water, which returns to the pool at a higher temperature. With the ability to raise the water temperature over 10°C, your pool will be converted into a tropical sanctuary, providing more fun options for your family and friends.

Our rigid solar systems are made of a heavy-duty, UV-resistant hard polymer and are meant to be more resistant to storm and weather damage. The one-piece solid design eliminates seams and leaks, assuring long-lasting functionality.

Our rigid systems are easy to install and suitable for a wide range of roof layouts. The modular pieces are joined together by reinforced waterproof connectors that eliminate the need for gluing or clamping, resulting in a strong, leak-free connection.

The sturdy heating panels from EJ Solar Pools harness the sun’s natural energy to expand the swimming season by delivering pleasant warm water. This allows your family to spend more time unwinding and enjoying themselves in the water without breaking the bank or damaging the environment.