Strip Solar Pool Heating

Strip solar pool heating systems are a common choice for pool heating. They are made up of a series of soft and flexible rubber PVC tubes that are put on the roof of a building.

The system draws water from the pool and pumps it up onto the roof and via the tube. As the pool water cycles, it is warmed by the sun’s sustainable energy and delivered to the pool at a comfortable temperature for swimming.

This adaptable solar system can be readily tailored to fit almost any roof area, making it an excellent solution for unevenly shaped roofs.

As a result, the system is suitable for oddly structured roofs or roofs with numerous obtrusions, including skylights, antennae, or air conditioning units.

Both our strip and rigid heating systems will warm your swimming pool in the same way and for the same period through the year. The main contrast is that our strip systems are flexible, whereas rigid systems are rather inflexible.

While our strip systems may not have the same warranty duration as rigid systems, they are a more cost-effective option. The collection tubes’ flexibility allows them to be easily and quickly customized to fit nearly any roof area.