Solar Pool Filter

A pool filter is an essential component of any solar pool heating system because it filters out dirt and fibers that cause clogged tubes and sluggish systems. Its purpose is to protect the pump’s impeller by preventing solid particles from entering the motor.

Unfiltered material, such as grass, seedlings, and animals can negatively impact the entire system. It can cause pipelines to burst and your system to operate badly owing to decreased water flow. Such disruption can potentially shorten the lifespan of your solar pool equipment.

The reasons mentioned above are why you need a solar pool filter made of quality material that features a UV stabilized and impact-resistant container. EJ Solar Pools’ filtration innovation guarantees that the unit stays leak-free and provides peace of mind.

This device’s removable synthetic inner filter cartridge catches particles and stops them from passing through the system. Having your filter clean will help to keep unwanted material out of your solar pool system.