Solar Pool Manifold

Intake and outtake manifolds link the solar collector to the pool at each solar pool heating installation endpoint. Regrettably, to save money, some solar heating businesses construct manifolds with thin walls and poor elements, which often fracture and break down quickly.

EJ Solar Pools will not scrimp on quality to save a little bit of money. Our solar pool manifolds and quality product line have survived the test of time in our tough weather circumstances. These items have established the industry standard for quality and reliability.

Our solar pool manifold is specially designed and manufactured in a single piece. We combine the materials with unique heavy-duty components for long life, providing you with years of top performance.

It has a high resistance to aging induced by UV light, oxidation, and weathering. It is also chemically resistant and keeps its color for years before the component has to be replaced.

Our solar pool manifold features a one-of-a-kind design that strengthens typically weak areas of the manifold while also making installation fast and easy. Furthermore, we always make certain that your system manifolds are formed in one piece and that they are made using high-quality materials rather than low-cost alternatives.