Vacuum Relief Valve

Vacuum relief valves are employed in water heater systems to enable air to enter the pipe system automatically. The device is intended to prevent vacuum situations from siphoning water from the system and causing damage to water heater components.

These valves are appropriate for use in water heaters and distribution tanks since they are suited for low-pressure steam and water delivery. These are safety precautions that are generally installed on the top of a permanent roof storage tank’s nozzle intake.

If there was no controlled opening, a fixed roof container might break under escalating pressure as a result of gas pressure fluctuations induced by extreme temperature changes. Enabling ambient air to circulate into the tank must be employed to regulate the vacuum state. In brief, the tank must be able to breathe to avoid bursting and collapsing.

We utilize a high-performance vacuum relief valve constructed of high-quality materials at EJ Solar Pools. It has a low vacuum brake pressure and a quick drain down, so it fits your demand for a high-quality valve that can withstand tough weather conditions.

Like other vacuum relief valves, Ours is a modulating valve with relatively low blowdown, which means it reseats at the specified pressure. Contact EJ Solar Pools to learn more about which vacuum relief valve is appropriate for your application.