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Solar water heater market analysis

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Dr. Ma Qidi American findings on trends in world primary energy alternatives shows that solar energy will enter a stage of rapid development in the early 2000s, and the proportion reached 30% in about 2050, behind nuclear energy in second place, 21 century there will replace nuclear energy solar home first. Shell Oil Company after a long study concluded that major solar energy in the next century. As the first phase of the World Watch Institute report noted: the emerging "Solar Economy" will become mainstream in the future of global energy. 
1 solar water heater market demand is the driving force 
In the past the development of China's solar water heater industry, our consumers through solar energy from unknown contacts, understanding, interest, try, consumption, repeat the process of buying the entire market demand with the development of the industry and the industry of the awareness of products and are constantly being developed and mature. 
As the driving force of the market, whether the manufacturer to create consumer demand or natural growth in consumer demand, as well as consumer "needs" can not be converted into consumer "demand" consumer demand directly determines the size of the size of the market capacity. With increasing growth and improve the quality of life of residents' income needs, market demand will increase. 
2 Solar marketing is still the main competition 
Aspects of this stage, China's solar manufacturers either from the scale of strength, marketing network, resource allocation, or the operation of the business philosophy and norms are uneven, with the threshold is low, many companies lack core technology, can squeeze through the narrow as the homogeneity of the final product track low-level competition, coupled with the lack of differentiated marketing tools, and more rarely win or win-win concept of competition. Therefore, the industry has formed part of the regional market price war intensified low-quality, the result is a strong brand is not strong, no-name very much 
3 technology will become the new driving force of the market 
With the development of the solar water heater market matures and increase consumer tastes pursuit of other factors, technology will solve the issue of this series. Even if the solar energy industry development up to now, some consumers have begun to seek "safer, healthier and more convenient, versatile, highlighting the quality of life" product. Faced with growing consumer demand, manufacturers who can do any of the advanced and innovative technology to manufacture suitable products to meet specific groups, and exceed the expectations of each other, to lead the new trend of consumption of solar water heaters, and technology-driven differentiation, who will lead the market heading, the commanding heights of industry competition new firm 
4. government to promote solar water heaters Policy 
In the process of growing market of solar energy projects, the development and implementation of various policies play a crucial role. To achieve energy conservation, building a conservation-oriented society, like our government to support the development of solar and other renewable energy sources, the constant introduction of the "People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law", "People's Republic of China Renewable Energy Law", "Energy conservation regulations relevant laws and regulations, "and so on, in order to promote energy-saving construction industry in all areas, to speed up the civil solar water heating systems integration technology pace. In addition, local support policy and mandatory installation policy has also been introduced, which will undoubtedly contribute to the implementation of the policy of solar engineering market growth and norms.